The new report "Feeding surplus food to pigs safely" by REFRESH partner Feedback reveals that a change of law could liberate up to 2.5 million tonnes of currently wasted food from the UK’s manufacturing, retail and catering sectors to be fed to pigs.

REFRESH will participate as an exhibitor at the "Sustainable & Circular Bioeconomy, the European way" conference on October 22nd in Brussels, Belgium.

In September 2018, professionals from business, science, non-governmental and international organizations gathered in Beijing for the Food Waste Reduction-Action in China forum to advocate green consumption awareness and reduction in food waste.

The Food Waste Reduction China Action Platform is a partnership initiated by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, CCFA and CHEARI, guided by FAO, UNEP ‘Think, Eat, Save’, and supported by REFRESH, in the aim of supporting China to achieve SDG 12.3.

Az élelmiszerhulladék mennyiségének csökkentése volt a témája a Nébih Kerekasztal rendezvénysorozat első eseményének, ahol a forgalmazók és a karitatív szervezetek mellett a hatósági szakemberek és a jogalkotók képviselői is részt vettek.

The subject of the first event organized by the HCSFO (Hungarian Food Chain Safety Office) Round Table was the reduction of the amount of food waste, in which both distributors and charities as well as representatives of public authorities and legislators took part.

2018. februárjában ismét ülésezett az Élelmiszer Érték Fórum Irányító Bizottsága. Az ülésre a Földművelésügyi Minisztériumban került sor, a megbeszélésen az IB valamennyi tagja jelen volt.

In February 2018, the Hungarian National Steering Committee met again. The meeting took place at the Ministry of Agriculture, and all members of the Steering Committee were present at the meeting. The Steering Committee reviewed the projects and the cooperation among the projects coordinated by the Committee.

This workshop will discuss policy options to influence and reduce food waste on the consumer level. The workshop takes place within the EU research project REFRESH, kindly hosted by the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture. It will bring together policy makers and experts from research, NGOs, business and marketing agencies.

The European Food Safety Authority is hosting the EFSA conference 2018. The main theme is “contextualising risk assessment”, which means reflecting on the future of risk assessment in food safety while acknowledging the social and political context within which it operates.


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