03 Jun 2019 to 05 Jun 2019
Finland, Helsinki

The Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra hosts the 3rd World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF 2019) in Helsinki, Finland on 3-5 June 2019. The WCEF2019 will bring together around 2,000 key circular economy thinkers and doers from around the world.

12 Jun 2019 to 13 Jun 2019
Sweden, Stockholm

EAT, the science-based global platform for food system transformation, hosts the EAT Stockholm Food Forum that will take place on June 12-13, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. Leaders and experts in science, politics, business and civil society from across the world come together to drive progress, share knowledge and help coordinate action across sectors and disciplines to embrace solutions that will transform the global food system.

16 Oct 2019
, worldwide

The World Food Day is celebrated each year on 16 October to promote worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure food security and nutritious diets for all.

Spain, Barcelona

At our final conference in cooperation with the Barcelona Design Center on 10 May, 2019, we presented and discussed the REFRESH project results to spur future action on EU food waste reduction among business, policy, research, social innovators and civil society. Preceding the conference, on 9 May, 2019, a selection of field trips and events was offered, featuring food waste innovators from business and civil society in the Barcelona area.

worldwide, online

This REFRESH webinar provided insights into identifying, measuring and collaborating to address food waste in the retail sector. It is part of a series of four webinars on 'Tackling Food Waste Across the Supply Chain', launched by the REFRESH Community of Experts (CoE). The series demonstrates how policy makers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, municipalities and many more organisations involved in the food supply chain can effectively address food waste.

worldwide, online

This REFRESH webinar provided insights into drivers and interventions to tackle food waste at home. It is part of a series of four webinars on 'Tackling Food Waste Across the Supply Chain', launched by the REFRESH Community of Experts (CoE). The series demonstrates how policy makers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, municipalities and many more organisations involved in the food supply chain can effectively address food waste.

Austria, Vienna

This conference focuses on new findings as well as new solutions for the prevention and management of food waste along the whole supply chain in the Central Europe region but would love to share and discuss current scientific insights on this issue from all over the world.

worldwide, online

This REFRESH webinar provided insights into a collaborative approach to reduce food waste along the whole supply chain. It is part of a series of four webinars on 'Tackling Food Waste Across the Supply Chain', launched by the REFRESH Community of Experts (CoE). The series demonstrates how policy makers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, municipalities and many more organisations involved in the food supply chain can effectively address food waste.

worldwide, online

This REFRESH webinar provided insights into opportunities and approaches for increasing the value of food waste and by-products. It is part of a series of four webinars on 'Tackling Food Waste Across the Supply Chain', launched by the REFRESH Community of Experts (CoE). The series demonstrates how policy makers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, municipalities and many more organisations involved in the food supply chain can effectively address food waste.

Switzerland, Geneva

The annual World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum is a global multi-stakeholder platform facilitating the implementation of the WSIS Action Lines for advancing sustainable development.

Belgium, Brussels

The Food Waste Fest is the main food waste innovation event of the year. FoodWIN will celebrate and share successful solutions to food waste. Although food waste is a complex and regretful problem, this day proves there are ways forward.

United Kingdom, London

In 2019 the 13th edition of the Food Bank Leadership Institute (FBLI) will be held on 25-27 March in London, UK and will be organized in cooperation with the European Food Banks Federation.


Netherlands, Leiden

The Global Harmonization Initiative (GHI) will host its 1st GHI World Congress on Food Safety and Security in Leiden, The Netherlands on 24 - 28 March 2019.

Belgium, Brussels

The final REFRESH workshop discussed options and recommendations to integrate policies for food waste in the broader contexts of sustainable food systems and the Circular Economy. Building on the results created within the REFRESH project, the workshop brought together policy makers and experts from research, NGOs and businesses to discuss EU policy options that go beyond efforts to reduce food waste and includes other sustainability aspects such as health and social impacts.

China, Shanghai

The China Chain Store & Franchise Association (CCFA) Chain Catering Committee and CCFA China Sustainable Consumption Round-table jointly launched the "Voluntary Action Plan of CCFA Chain Catering Enterprises on Food Waste Reduction Initiative”. The launch event on March 13, 2019 in Shanghai was witnessed and participated by 500 Chinese catering companies, with nearly 1400 people present. This event was supported by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the United Nations Environmental Programme (UN ENVIRONMENT), NET PLANET NETWORK, the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, and the REFRESH project team.

Costa Rica, San José

The Sustainable Food Systems Programme of the UN One Planet network is a multi-stakeholder partnership with the aim to accelerate the shift towards sustainable consumption and production patterns in all areas related to food.

Belgium, Brussels

The international symposium "Food Safety in the EU: Maintaining High Standards and Ensuring Transparency of Information" on food safety, agriculture policy and transparency of information to consumers is hold on January 29, 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

Spain, Zaragoza

REFRESH is pleased to announce that online registration is now available for the Food loss and waste reduction and management course that we have co-created with the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Zaragoza (IAMZ-CIHEAM) and the International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA).

Germany, Berlin

Public campaigns and other policy instruments can significantly influence consumer behavior and contribute to a reduction of consumer food waste. There are only very few studies that have evaluated to what extent policy interventions actually reduced or prevented food waste. The REFRESH Policy Workshop "Public campaigns and other policy options for behaviour change" discussed the findings of REFRESH work on consumer behaviour and policy recommendations.

Spain, Torremolinos, Málaga

This two day conference will offer an excellent opportunity to learn and discuss about the latest research results, insights and advances in the field of food science.

Belgium, Brussels

One of Japan’s top ecofeed experts will join European experts in a panel discussion to weigh the economic, environmental and safety risks of (a) continuing under the current ban on feeding surplus food that contains meat to omnivorous livestock, or (b) adopting legislation that permits the production of pig feed from heat-treated food surplus produced in specialist licensed plants, inspired by the Japanese ecofeed industry.

Belgium, Brussels

REFRESH will participate as an exhibitor at the "Sustainable & Circular Bioeconomy, the European way" conference on October 22nd in Brussels, Belgium.

Belgium, Brussels

The conference "Circular Economy - Scaling up market solutions in wholesale & retail" will take place on 17 October 2018 in Brussels, Belgium.

Croatia, Osijek

The Marking of the World Food Day 2018, organized by Croatian Food Agency (HAH) and Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations (FAO). will take place on 16th October 2018 in Osijek, Croatia.

United Kingdom, New Forest

The 1st international conference on urban agriculture and city sustainability aims to review and discuss ways in which urban agriculture can contribute to achieving sustainable cities.

Czech Republic, Prague

Conference Series LLC Ltd welcomes you at the International congress on Food Processing, Safety, and Packaging during September 20-21, 2018 at Prague, Czech Republic. The theme is: 'A Step Towards Food Quality Leads Healthy Living'.


Italy, Parma

The European Food Safety Authority is hosting the EFSA conference 2018. The main theme is “contextualising risk assessment”, which means reflecting on the future of risk assessment in food safety while acknowledging the social and political context within which it operates.

Germany, Stuttgart

The Congress FOOD 2030: Towards sustainable agri-food systems will be held on 5-6 September 2018, as one of the major events to mark the 200th anniversary of the University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart. It will bring together experts, researchers and stakeholders from various disciplines with diverse experiences related to food systems. The congress’ aim is to raise awareness and openly discuss the European policy process of FOOD 2030 at the national level.

Germany, Mercure Hotel, Berlin

The International Conference and Expo on Food Science is meant to gather leading intellects to a platform for round table discussion on Food Innovation and its progress. The focus lies on emerging food processing technologies towards global food security.

, Sweden (Stockholm Sigtuna Uppsala Borlange Mora), Finland (Helsinki), and China (Beijing & Shanghai).

The IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute organizes a camp for youth from China to raise young people’s awareness about food waste. The camp includes visits to various locations within the whole food supply chain, covering food production, food transportation, food re-distribution, food consumption (in restaurants and at home) and food treatment.

Belgium, Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre, Brussels

This symposium will provide an invaluable opportunity for industry experts, policy makers, academics, NGOs and other key stakeholders to review the EU strategy on food waste and discuss behavioural, social and technological solutions aimed at promoting improved food waste management. Dr. Hilke Bos-Brouwers, REFRESH coordinator, will be presenting.

Hungary, Budapest

The “Night of the Market” event was organized for the second time, during which, for one night, the Budapest Wholesale Market was open to public. The first anniversary of the cooperation with the Food Bank was also celebrated at the event.

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Interactive working group in Amsterdam: How can Voluntary Agreements between food value chain stakeholders be a key policy instrument for food waste reduction?

Bulgaria, Plovdiv

The next FOOD 2030 high-level event will be held under the Bulgarian Presidency in Plovdiv on 14-15 June 2018. The event will focus on the research policy agenda for sustainable food systems. REFRESH will present at a stand at the Food Village.


France, IRD’s innovation campus, Paris

SoScience and Diana Group invite participants to join in the fifth edition of the program “The Future Of” on June 14th, 2018 at the IRD’s innovation campus for the planet (near Paris). This international and free conference focuses on the valorization of fruit and vegetable waste.


Belgium, Brussels

The goal of EU Food and Farming Forum (EU3F) is to co-construct a set of
policy proposals addressed to the EU for a comprehensive ‘Common Food Policy’. The Forum will provide a platform to collectively identify and agree on priorities for sustainable food systems reforms, bringing greater coherence between policy areas and policy levels.

Lithuania, Vilnius

The REFRESH project presented at the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste. The REFRESH Community of Experts was highlighted by EU Commissioner for Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis

Belgium, European Parliament, Brussels

A conference in May will present best practices to reduce food waste in Italy and give the opportunity to discuss the impact of Law 166/2016.

Lithuania, Vilnius

The conference in Vilnius gathered researchers and experts experienced in tackling food waste, who inspired us with examples of successful campaigning that resulted in greater public awareness and reduction of the waste

China, Beijing

The press release on “Report on China Urban Catering Industry Food Waste ” was presented at the discussion seminar on “organizing China food waste reduction alliance” on Mar 24th, 2018. Around 100 representatives joined the event, including UN Environment, UN FAO, China Food Bureau,  China Home Electronic Appliance Research Institute (CHEARI), China Chain Store & Franchise Association(CCFA) and other unviersities, foundations, enterprises, and research institutions, alliances and NGOs.

Netherlands, Veghel

The Dutch REFRESH national platform "Taskforce Circular Economy in Food" will organise an interactive event for TCEF Members, Dutch Champions 12.3 and international frontrunner organisations. Using “Appreciative Inquiry”, the participants will share experiences and best practices, and develop new plans for action to contribute to the SDG 12.3 target by 2030. 

Germany, Berlin

On 19 March 2018, the concluding conference of the BMBF-funded research project REFOWAS (Ways to REduce FOod WAste) will take place in Berlin.

Germany, Düsseldorf

For the ninth time, the conference invites researchers and entrepreneurs from North Rhine-Westphalia and regions in Europe to find new European research and innovation (R&I) partners for Horizon 2020 projects.

United Kingdom, London

The fourth NLWA Waste Prevention Exchange will focus on food waste prevention and examine different approaches and how to secure long term behaviour change. REFRESH scientific coordinator Hilke Bos-Brouwers (Wageningen University & Research) will give a kenote on "Food waste - towards half as much: Initiatives & programmes that encourage public participation"

Hungary, Hungary

The subject of the first event organized by the HCSFO (Hungarian Food Chain Safety Office) Round Table was the reduction of the amount of food waste, in which both distributors and charities as well as representatives of public authorities and legislators took part.

Germany, Berlin

The concluding conference of the joint project "Development, Testing and Dissemination of Concepts for Sustainable Production and Consumption in Out-of-House Gastronomy" - NAHGAST is taking place in Berlin from 21 - 23 February 2018.

Belgium, Brussels

EPC Policy Dialogue

China, Shanghai

A Sino-Nordic Seminar on Sustainable Food Systems and Food Waste was held on January 13-14, 2018, in Shanghai, China. Over 40 active researchers and stakeholders from the Nordic countries and China in the field of sustainable food systems and food waste shared experience and discussed potential directions of collaboration.

, Europe

The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) 2017 will take place from 18 to 26 November, with awareness-creating actions about sustainable resource and waste management taking place all over Europe. In the spotlight of the EWWR is to raise awareness about how to reduse waste, how to reuse products and recycle materials.

Belgium, Brussels

The Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2 Infoweek took place in Brussels 14.-17. November 2017. The week-long event brought together infoday, brokerage, and dissemination with a focus on digitisation and a high-level bioeconomy policy event. REFRESH was presented at the "Bioeconomy Village", and REFRESH researcher Dr. Erica van Herpen gave a presentation on consumer food waste behaviour.

Belgium, Brussels

The EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste will hold its second meeting of 2017 on 07. November in Brussels. Participation is limited to members of the Platform.

Belgium, Brussels

This workshop presented and discussed preliminary findings on opportunities for improving EU policies relevant to food waste prevention and valorisation and explored short- and long-term strategies with stakeholders. It was directed at policymakers and high-level experts in food waste from business, research, and civil society. 

Italy, Rimini

The goal of the workshop is to find ways on how to establish, foster and maintain long-lasting transnational cooperation between relevant stakeholders.

China, Shanghai New International Expo Centre, Shanghai

Comprised of PacPro Asia, FoodPex, CHINA-PHARM, and BulkPex, swop - Shanghai World of Packaging is a 4-in-1 exhibition, one-stop resourceful platform for processing and packaging solutions.

FoodPex displays the latest technology on food processing, packaging technology, automated / smart packaging solutions, food safety and more. FoodPex will not only be the place to show innovations in the field of food processing and packaging but will also offer an opportunity to follow the latest Chinese government regulations and policies on the food industry.

Germany, Cologne

Numerous sources of inspiration across more than 280,000 sqm of exhibition area, pioneering trending topics, an attractive supporting programme and, of course, great business opportunities: all this awaited you at the leading international trade fair Anuga.

United Kingdom, Norwich

Total Food 2017, held in Norwich from 31 October to 2 November, attracted a mix of industrialists and academics from across the world and discussed food waste at all levels of the food use hierarchy. The event featured a number of plenary lectures from REFRESH partners and was organized by the Quadram Institute Bioscience.

Belgium, Brussels

This one day conference will serve to disseminate successful European Research and Innovation (R&I) initiatives and contribute to the ongoing science-policy dialogue in the area of Food Nutrition and Security.

Netherlands, Arnhem

REFRESH researcher Lisanne van Geffen won The Science Battle against other researchers on the event: The Future of Waste – de kracht van kringlopen, 12th of October 2017 in Arnhem, The Netherlands.

Italy, Santa Margherita di Pula

Sardinia 2017 - 16th Waste Management and Landfill Symposium is dedicated to various aspects, case studies and new technologies of Waste Management, including:

Canada, Montreal

The Consumer Goods Forum leads the Sustainable Retail Summit to catalyze collaborative and action-oriented work towards long-term sustainable growth in the consumer goods industry. The focuses of the Summit are strategies for reducing food waste, eradicating forced labour, and supporting healthier living.

Hungary, Budapest

All 26 REFRESH partners gathered to discuss midterm progress in the project and build synergies between work in different parts of REFRESH. The meeting took place in Budapest on 07. and 08. September 2017.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

The 8th International Conference on Life Cycle Management will take place on 3rd – 6th September 2017 in Luxembourg, on the theme “Designing sustainable technologies, products and policies: from science to innovation”.

Spain, A Coruña

REFRESH researcher Lisanne van Geffen presented project findings on consumer behaviour at the International Conference on Environmental Psychology.

Denmark, Copenhagen

The Danish Minister of Environment and Food invites leading international experts, gastronomy frontrunners, influencers, and decisions makers for the World Food Summit in Copenhagen in August 2017.

Germany, Berlin

From 18 to 20 August 2017 the foodsharing festival will take place in Berlin. Enjoy a weekend full of energy, fun and engagement around the topic of foodsharing.

Poland, Wroclaw Universtiy of Environmental and Life Sciences Institute of Agricultural Engineering

The EU-funded project Strategies to Reduce Food Waste in Central Europe (STREFOWA) will be hosting its second of five Food Waste Hackathons in Poland June 23-25.  

Germany, Berlin

With the World Food Convention, the German newspaper Tagesspiegel is organizing an international, high level event on 22 June 2017 in Berlin. 500 participants from policy, industry, diplomacy, NGOs as well as science and academia will discuss the most pressing issues of global food production and distribution.

Netherlands, Amsterdam

The Sustainable Foods Summit explores new horizons for sustainability and eco-labels, such as Organic, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, etc, in the food industry by discussing key industry issues.

Belgium, Brussels

In occasion of the European Sustainable Development Week DIESIS organises an event on sustainable food systems and the social economy on 30 May.

Germany, Berlin

On May 19th food waste stakeholders met for an interactive Food Waste Innovation Incubator Day. The workshop followed the the REFRESH Food Waste 2017 Conference on 18th May.

Germany, Umweltforum, Berlin

The REFRESH Food Waste 2017 Multi-stakeholder Conference took place on the 18th of May at the Umweltforum in Berlin, Germany. The Conference brought together leaders in food waste prevention, reduction and valorisation. REFRESH partners presented the latest results and ongoing work of the REFRESH Project. Documentation of the conference including proceedings and presentations are available for download.

Italy, Milan

Seeds&Chips is the International Summit dedicated to food innovation from farm to fork, where food and technology meet. Hundreds of startups, companies in food and tech, investors, thought leaders and policymakers come together to share content and visions, projects and experiences — innovating the food system is not just an opportunity.

Seeds&Chips is four days of exhibition, conferences/panel discussions, business matching and a hackathon, pitches and awards with the protagonists of Food Tech, Ag Tech and the “Internet of Food.”

Germany, Düsseldorf

The packaging industry is essential to all other industry sectors. It’s impossible to think of any product without the sometimes highly complex manufacturing processes behind it – however large or small the company or product might be. All industry sectors require intelligent packaging strategies along the entire value chain, encompassing warehousing, logistics and even administration.

Norway, Oslo

The Nordic Council of Ministers for Fisheries and Aquaculture, Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the Norwegian Chairmanship of 2017 are inviting to a conference on April 27 2017.

Czech Republic, Prague

Fight Food Waste through innovation and let us use technology to solve the problem of food waste we are facing all over the world. From 21 April to 23 April everyone is invited to participate with innovative ideas for apps or websites that could help tackle food waste in the Czech Republic.

United Kingdom, London

CommBeBiz is holding its second annual meeting in London, UK. Funded by the EU, this two-days-meeting is designed to challenge, support and inform researchers on their quest to innovate in the commercial, social and policy arenas.

Germany, Hamburg

Food waste has been declared a priority by industry leaders, with audacious food waste reduction targets being set to signal the degree of urgency, ambition and intent of those in retail, production and government.

Canada, Web

Webinars and Speaker Series organized by the Rural Development Institute of the Brandon University.

United Kingdom, Royal Society of Arts, London

Chatham House presents A Sustainable Food Future 2016: Climate Change, Urbanization and Innovation

Germany, MealSaver, Emser Str. 23, 12051 Berlin

As part of a series of events for the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) hosted by Berlin food waste start-up MealSaver, REFRESH researcher Keighley McFarland will present the REFRESH project and the REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest.

United Kingdom, London

Food Matters Live is a cross-sector event for the food and drink industry, retailers, foodservice providers, government and people in the nutrition field, to enable collaboration and innovation to support a sustainable food landscape for the future.

Belgium, Europe-wide

The European Week for Waste Reduction is an initiative aiming to promote the implementation of awareness-raising actions about sustainable resource and waste management during a single week. It encourages a wide range of audiences (public authorities, private companies, civil society as well as citizens themselves) to get involved.

Macedonia, Skopje

The Association of Agricultural Economists of Macedonia (AAEM) is organising Rural Development Forum within the RRPP-funded project Establishing Rural Development Network for Joint Research Cooperation.

Ireland, Dublin

As part of the 2016-17 School of Agriculture & Food Science Research Seminar Series, Dr Matteo Vittuari, Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences, University of Bologna, Italy, will present a seminar entitled "Addressing Food Waste in the EU: Reduction Practices and Policies". The seminar is open to the public and takes place in room G-08, Agriculture & Food Science Centre, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4, from 1-2pm. Attendance is free, but registration is necessary. The seminar is scheduled for the November 16.

Spain, Barcelona

Food Science is playing an increasingly important role in today’s society: health, welfare, economy, and many other related issues make this field one of the most dynamic and relevant areas of current research. This three day conference will offer an excellent opportunity to learn and discuss about the latest research results, insights, advances, etc. in the field of food science.

France, Paris

The Consumer Goods Forum presents a two-day event on Sustainable Retail Summit from 27th to 28th of October 2016 in Paris.

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

The Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection in Luxembourg launches a campaign raising awareness about food waste. Therefore, a multilingual conference welcomes global experts on this topic in Luxembourg.

France, Paris

The Sustainable Retail Summit is an essential 2-day event to be inspired, informed and able to implement socially and environmentally sustainable business solutions and improve the health and wellness of our communities. REFRESH will be attending this event.

Denmark, Copenhagen

Developing a future bio-economy has become a key goal for Nordic policy-makers, across Europe –and around the world. The bio-economy is considered critical for several reasons: the need for sustainability in use of resources, the growing demand for both food and energy, and the need to decouple economic growth from environmental degradation. The conference focus on cycle-thinking in technology, foresight exercises, and transitions related to different aspects of the bio-economy and future challenges and possibilities for both researchers and industry.

Sweden, Stockholm

The Swedish Collaboration Group for Reduced Food Waste (SaMMa) is an open forum for Swedish actors interested in food waste. The meeting on October 25 was attended by 33 participants representing, industry, retail, NGO, Academy and consultants and policy bodies as well as several social entrepreneurs.

United Kingdom, Glasgow, Scotland

At the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology & the Bioeconomy (EFIB), industry experts throughout the vibrant and innovative biobased community come together every year to discuss the key issues in the industry and gain a snapshot of the most significant developments on scale up of commercial biorefineries around the world. REFRESH will be at EFIB - click to see how to connect with us.

Denmark, Gentofte Hospital, Hellerup

The aim of this workshop is to discuss the challenges the European healthcare sector faces in implementing sustainable and healthy food policies, including the prevention and reduction of food waste at their facilities.

Belgium, Global

World Food Day is a day of action against hunger. Annually on October 16, people around the world come together to declare their commitment to eradicate hunger in our lifetime. Food security and sustainability are important topics on World Food Day. Events are held at all levels across the world.

France, Paris

In 2016, Paris will be a source of food inspiration. Explore the world trends and innovations in the agri-food industry. SIAL will analyse them for you. A not-to-be-missed SIAL Paris event held for the last 20 years, SIAL Innovation reveals the most innovative food products displayed by SIAL exhibitors.

In 2016, SIAL Paris will revisit the food sector of today and, above all, invent that of tomorrow in order to:

Belgium, Brussels

The FOOD 2030 high level event will provide a platform for dialogue that seeks to build on the political momentum for a coherent research and innovation policy framework for Food and Nutrition Security. REFRESH will be at FOOD 2030 - click to see how to connect with us.

Germany, Wuppertal

REFRESH business engagement gets off the ground. The third meeting of the German Pilot Working Platform (PWP) took place on 06/10/2016 at the CSCP’s premises in Wuppertal. Representatives from retail, the food industry, ministries at federal and national level as well as civil society organizations agreed upon five priority topics to tackle with a number of collaborative projects from 2017 on.

Austria, Vienna

The EEB conference will be one of the first opportunities since the Brexit for those concerned about the environment across Europe to come together and take stock of recent EU developments and their implications for the environment and sustainability.

Spain, Barcelona

On September 22, 2016, the second meeting of the steering committee of the Spanish national platform to fight against food waste in the context of the EU REFRESH project took place at the headquarters of CREDA-UPC-IRTA in UPC’s Baix Llobregat Campus in Castelldefels (Barcelona). Representatives of stakeholders of the food chain met to agree on a Framework for Action to set up their collective engagement of working to reduce or prevent food waste.

Spain, Barcelona

On the 7th and 8th of September 2016 the second meeting of the partners of the EU REFRESH project took place at the headquarters of CREDA-UPC-IRTA in Barcelona. The aim of the meeting was to examine the project's progress and jointly define future actions against food waste. In line with REFRESH objectives and values, catering services were provided by the social enterprise Espigoladors that demonstrated in a delicious way that it is possible to be sustainable.

Austria, Vienna

The general aim of the ISEKI_Food conference series is to contribute to the creation of an "open" international forum for researchers, education scientists, technologists and industry representatives as well as food consumers, to promote constructive dialogue and collaboration on topics relevant to Food Science and Technology, Industry and Education and to present and disseminate the results of the activities developed by the ISEKI_Food network projects.

France, Paris

After a stock take of progress since its meeting in 2013, the Network will have a closer look at food waste in the retail and processing sectors. Issues of definition and measurement, possible causes and ways to reduce and valorise it will be discussed.


Denmark, Aarhus, Denmark

The 2016 IFAMA World Conference will take place in the picturesque city of Aarhus, Denmark, located in the heart of the European Food Sphere--a unique, innovation-driven environment. Under the umbrella of food security, the IFAMA 2015 conference examines three major themes: Climate; Big data; People. 

The 2015 IFAMA conference in St. Paul was the beginning of the IFAMA's three-year initiative Become the Solution: Food Security 2050

Belgium, Brussels

We will discuss, together with our stakeholders, roadmaps towards an innovative, near zero waste Europe. Join us for this interactive stakeholder conference on the future of Europe’s circular economy. Let’s start preparing together for this event that will gather all the actors in the field: companies, researchers and governmental organizations. Let us know what your organization wants to address!

Germany, Wuppertal
On May 31st, the Collaborating Centre on Sustainable Consumption and Production (CSCP), a Refresh project member, is celebrating its 10-year anniversary with an “un-conference” titled “The Future of Sustainable Lifestyles, Industry 4.0 and Circular Economy.”
Belgium, Brussels

The EU-FUSIONs Project will hold its final project conference. The event will bring together members from its extensive stakeholder platform of over 200 Members including leading organizations and experts on food waste prevention and innovation across Europe.

Turkey, European Capital of Culture Congress and Culture Centre, Istanbul

EurAsia Waste Management Symposium will provide a comprehensive overview of effective waste management strategies across the Asian and the European regions. Also, the symposium will provide the opportunity discuss and evaluate the current and future regional waste management strategies and recycling projects.

Germany, Andel's Hotel, Berlin

At this conference, national and international representatives of governments, science, civil society and businesses are invited to discuss in plenaries and dialogue forums and to contribute ideas and approaches to move forward with SDG implementation in Germany and internationally. The conference will focus on partnerships and the need to sustainably manage natural resources and change consumption and production patterns. The conference features a dialogue forum on food waste.

Hungary, Budapest

Representatives from key organizations of the food sector attended the first REFRESH Pilot Working Platform Steering Committee meeting in Budapest on March 22, 2016. The event was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and organized by the Hungarian Food Bank Association. Participants confirmed their commitment towards more efficiently using food and fighting against hunger.

Spain, Barcelona

On March 2, 2016, the first REFRESH meeting to develop a Framework for Action for reducing food waste in Spain took place in Barcelona. Stakeholders interested in tackling food waste at national level got together to share their visions about the problem and potential solutions. The meeting developed the basis for future collaborative work within the Pilot Working Platform.

Czech Republic, Brno Exhibition Centre, Brno

Under the Salima Trade Fair banner, BVV hosts four international food fairs, each one designed specifically for the right customer within the sector. Salima brings together food producers and food technology with MBK Bakery (milling and confectionery), INTECO (the essential fair for hoteliers and the hospitality trade). These three fairs run concurrently to spotlight the Central European food and food technology sectors to buyers worldwide.

Belgium, DIAMANT Brussels Conference & Business Centre, Brussels, Belgium

15-16 February 2016

DIAMANT Brussels Conference & Business Centre, Brussels, Belgium


After three years of intensive research and analysis, the DYNAMIX and POLFREE projects, both funded by the European Commission FP7 program, will come to a close in March 2016. Therefore, it is time to present and disseminate main results and messages from the research outcomes on policy mixes for a resource efficient EU. 

Germany, Wuppertal

On February 2, 2016, fourteen organisations joined the first Pilot Working Platform meeting in Wuppertal, Germany.

Netherlands, Rotterdam

On Monday January 25th and Tuesday January 26th 2016, the government of the Netherlands will host a circular economy conference, "Unwrapping the Package - towards a Circular Economy in Europe," in light of the forthcoming Commission's proposal for a circular economy. The objective of the event is to discuss challenges and opportunities for a circular economy in Europe.

Germany, Berlin

Securing global food supplies in an era of urbanisation is one of the challenges facing mankind. It is also a challenge for agricultural policy-makers. Modern, sustainable agriculture, vibrant rural areas and cooperative partnerships with rural and urban development going hand in hand are some of the important prerequisites for meeting this challenge. What we need are overarching policies that regard urban and rural structural change as an interconnected process. Agricultural policy – in cooperation with other policy areas – must take this into account.

Denmark, Copenhagen

FUSIONS aims for more efficient use of resources and a considerable reduction of food waste in the food chain from field to fork across Europe. An overview of the project activities will be presented in the meeting.

You are warmly welcome to participate in the fourth and final Regional FUSIONS Nordic/Scandinavian Platform meeting in Copenhagen!

We kindly ask for your contribution and knowledge to reduce food waste through social innovations. You will hear latest news about food waste research in FUSIONS project and Nordic countries.

Spain, Barcelona


After 3 editions of the OuiShare Fest organized in Paris, the most important international meeting of the collaborative economy which gathers together all the global sector's global leaders, innovators and experts, OuiShare invites you to participate in OuiShare Fest BCN 2015.

Spain, Bilbao

This conference is designed as a multidisciplinary deliberation forum. It aims to provide an opportunity to discuss significant challenges facing the global food system in the 21st Century.

Kenya, Nairobi

FPPE 2015 in Kenya is being organised by an international consortium of leading organisations and trade fair professionals. The initiator is StarlingExpo together with Messe Düsseldorf. The Exposyum is aimed at manufacturers of machinery, plants, processes and services for the food processing and food packaging industry.

Belgium, Brussels

At this final conference of the EU project RESFOOD, practitioners and researchers of the water sector and the food chain, large companies and SME’s, will find out about new technologies designing a sustainable food chain.

Italy, Milan

On Saturday 17th October, Feeding the 5000 will come to the Piazza Castello in Milan, Italy to offer 5000 delicious, free meals prepared with fresh quality food that would otherwise have been wasted. The cooks are two-Michelin star Chef Marco Sacco. This celebratory and festive event is open to all and will bring attention to the scandal of food waste and prove that win-win solutions to the problem do exist.

Italy, Milan

This forum will be occasion to look at food waste from a hands-on perspective and explore new tracks in addressing the issue.

Italy, Milan

"Fight Food Waste, Feed the Planet" aims to contribute to the setting of EU and global directions for food waste prevention, focusing in particular on the importance of effective inter-sector co-operationfrom farm to fork. The conference will gather EU and international policy makers as well as all stakeholders involved in the food chain – from industry to non-governmental organizations, the scientific community and consumers – in order to share achievements to date and foster an open and action-oriented debate.

France, Paris

World Efficiency is the first biennial event for policy makers and businesses looking for resource and climate solutions. The first event will run from 13th to 15th October 2015 in the Paris Porte de Versailles exhibition centre.

Spain, Madrid

This event will focus on several ways to use food to improve our lives: the valorization of side streams to produce safe feed thus reducing food waste, the promotion of traditional food production and use of minor cereals for a better food quality and the improvement of the food supply chain for human consumption. The event will bring together experts from research and industry from all around Europe to discuss such topics.

Italy, Rome

This congress will assess the challenges associated with postharvest loss within the framework of metrics and measurements. The focus is to enable the development of better tools and interventions to prevent postharvest loss for smallholders in developing countries. The event will provide networking opportunities for professionals from academic, governments, non-governmental organizations, foundations, and private entities.

Italy, Milan

This four day event brings together young farmers, producers, food professionals, and activists from all over the world to learn from each other and develop solutions for the future of food. Alongside the Expo 2015, WFTP will feature a Food Academy for young producers and professionals, a Hackathon on contemporary food challenges, lectures and discussions, interactive workshops, public events, and food and entertainment.