Representatives from key organizations of the food sector attended the first REFRESH Pilot Working Platform Steering Committee meeting in Budapest on March 22, 2016. The event was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and organized by the Hungarian Food Bank Association. Participants confirmed their commitment towards more efficiently using food and fighting against hunger.

The discussants set out to identify goals, priorities, and responsibilities, and identified potential projects that could help achieving those goals. The Steering Committee assigned research, knowledge sharing and raising of awareness as the first steps, which will be started in each segment of the food sector.

The main topics of the round table discussion were: goal setting, priorities, responsibilities, communication’s platforms and the potential projects that could help achieving the goals. Participants could virtually meet David Rogers from WRAP who presented best practices from the UK.

The participants had several questions about the legislative background and the international examples. The meeting demonstrated, that collective thinking can help to find the solution to complex problems.

At the end of the session the participants shared their project ideas and offered their active contribution in co-working.



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