1. Researchers & industry representatives sought for Food Waste Compositional Database testing

An online database, FoodWasteExplorer, has been developed to aid identification of market opportunities and better waste utilisation. It contains compositional data for agri-food waste streams. Representatives from the food industry, researchers, independent consultants, and animal nutritional experts are sought to help evaluate FoodWasteExplorer prior to wider release. If you would like to be involved in testing FoodWasteExplorer, please contact Angelika Mantur- Vierendeel at


2. REFRESH Community of Experts

Access the online network for experts to share and gain knowledge on food waste reduction, prevention, and valorisation. The REFRESH Community of Experts was created in partnership with the EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste (FLW) and presented at the meeting of the FLW Subgroup on Action and Implementation in Fall 2017.


3. Animal feed tool

To help food businesses contribute to a waste-free future, REFRESH has built a web app for busi-nesses to clarify which surplus food is suitable for animal feed, and what needs to be done to send the food to animal feed in a safe and legal way.


4. Mapping food waste drivers across the food supply chain

This report identifies drivers of food waste across the supply chain in five food categories: bread, dairy, potatoes/tomatoes, prepared meals (sandwiches), and processed meat/poultry. These drivers were linked with the main waste streams they generate.


5. Quantified consumer insights on food waste

This report presents insights about in-home food waste, including: the amounts wasted, household’s food prevention practices, and the influence of motivation, abilities, and opportunities on household food waste. It is based on a large-scale consumer survey in Germany, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Spain.


6. Detailed hierarchy of approaches categorised within waste pyramid

Seventy-six management approaches identified for priority food production residues have been categorized by the authors with respect to the Waste Hierarchy. Two thirds of these fall under the category of waste prevention by re-use mainly due to the status as by-products. Only 6 of the approaches identified for management of food chain residues were categorised in the least preferred tier: recovery (other).



REFRESH National Platforms

7. Pilot projects running in Hungary on catering waste, improving redistribution, and marketing “ugly” produce

The Hungarian Pilot Working Platform has initiated and started executing 3 pilot projects. One in the fruit and vegetable domain, one in the event catering sector and one focusing on food surplus redistribution capacity building.

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8. Members of PWP Germany actively working on pilots and data baselining

On 11 October 2017, thirteen representatives of the German REFRESH Steering Committee (SC) met for their fifth meeting in Wuppertal to discuss data collection, activities and pilot projects.


9. Pilots progress in Spanish REFRESH Platform, members share activities at 3rd meeting

The progress of the Refresh project and the latest initiatives of the members of the Platform were presented, the next steps to be followed in the coming months were also discussed.


10. REFRESH pilots employee training programme on food waste with German retailer PENNY

In April 2017 agreement was reached with the German retailer PENNY to conduct an employee training programme as first German REFRESH pilot project.


11. EU commissioner Andriukaitis and minister Schouten visit Dutch Taskforce on Circular Economy

On the 28th of November 2017, EU commissioner Andriukaitis (Health and Food Safety) and Minister Schouten (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, NL) visited the ‘Food Waste Factory’ in Veghel, located in THREE SIXTY, the heart of the Dutch ecosystem for circular economy in food. They met with the Dutch frontrunners on food waste prevention.



Recent Events

12. Sowing the seeds for short and long term improved EU policies for food waste: REFRESH Policy Workshop

This workshop on November 08 2017 presented and discussed preliminary findings on opportunities for improving EU policies relevant to food waste prevention and valorisation and explored short- and long-term strategies with stakeholders. It was directed at policymakers and high-level experts in food waste from business, research, and civil society.


13. REFRESH Coordinator Toine Timmermans presents in Brussels at Food2030 event

With over 500 participants the major event was to discuss progress and priorities in the European Research and Innovation agenda for Food & Nutrition Security. On World Food Day, October 16 2017, Toine Timmermans, Program Manager Circular Economy in Food at Wageningen University & Research, and Coordinator of the EU projects REFRESH and FUSIONS, presented at the event Harnessing Research and Innovation for FOOD 2030 in Brussels.


14. Sino-Nordic Seminar on Sustainable Food Systems and Food Waste in Shanghai

A Sino-Nordic Seminar on Sustainable Food Systems and Food Waste was held on January 13-14, 2018, in Shanghai, China. Over 40 active researchers and stakeholders from the Nordic countries and China in the field of sustainable food systems and food waste shared experience and discussed potential directions of collaboration.



Upcoming Events

15. Upcoming REFRESH policy workshop series

Four policy workshops in 2018 and 2019 will present and discuss policy options to reduce food waste.They will cover different topics. The first one will focus on national food waste policies through Voluntary Stakeholder Agreements (April or May 2018). Together with the European Institute of Asian Studies another event will discuss the use of food for Animal Feed including experiences with food recycling in Japan (date tbd). In September REFRESH will discuss the learnings from its work on consumer behavior and the policy recommendations that can be derived from these insights. A concluding event on the overall policy recommendations will follow in January 2019.

Information will be published in the coming months here.

16. Dutch Champions 12.3 Event: Appetite for Action

The Dutch REFRESH national platform "Taskforce Circular Economy in Food" will organise an inter-active event for TCEF Members, Dutch Champions 12.3 and international frontrunner organisa-tions. Using “Appreciative Inquiry”, the participants will share experiences and best practices, and develop new plans for action to contribute to the SDG 12.3 target by 2030.




REFRESH (Resource Efficient Food and dRink for Entire Supply cHain) is an EU research project taking action against food waste. 26 partners from 12 European countries and China work towards the project's goal to contribute towards Sustainable Development Goal 12.3 of halving per capita food waste at the retail and consumer level and reducing food losses along production and supply chains, reducing waste management costs, and maximizing the value from un-avoidable food waste and packaging materials. Read more ...


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