Food waste prevention in event catering

In April 2017 The Hungarian Pilot Working Platform initiated the pilot project “Just like at home”. The aim of the project is to dissolve the paradox of “oversupply by virtual needs” and creating a common basis of understanding and awareness about the issue of food waste in the whole chain (from caterer to consumer) by matching a realistic/real demand/supply in this special type of consumer scenario where the cost of food is not a primary selector.

Event catering is a special segment of the HORECA sector with a special supply chain where the final client (the eating guest) is typically not in the position of ordering catering services, as the “paying client” is usually a company or organisation organising the event. Because of this special situation oversupply in event catering causing significant level of food waste is very common (especially in Hungary where hospitality and heavy eating have both strong traditional backgrounds).

Main partners of the project are HORECA Marketing Club,  UNICEO (United Networks of International Corporate Event Organizers), BCSDH (Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary) who are representing the “corporate client” side in the catering process.

The participants of the project conducted preliminary consultations and agreed on starting a project targeting the decrease of event related food waste by involving all actors in the supply chain including the event guests as well.

The project got the title “Just like home” because we feel that in an event catering environment the level of waste is high because of an “unfortunate coincidence of circumstances” and most people feel bad about this as they try to be much more aware on the issue in their homes.