With over 500 participants the major event was to discuss progress and priorities in the European Research and Innovation agenda for Food & Nutrition Security

On World Food Day, 16 October 2017, Toine Timmermans, Program Manager Circular Economy in Food at Wageningen University & Research, and Coordinator of the EU projects FUSIONS and REFRESH, presented at the event Harnessing Research and Innovation for FOOD 2030 in Brussels.

The presentation was part of the session about Circularity and Resource Efficiency of food systems. With the title “Towards a circular economy in food; The role of public-private partnerships” the REFRESH ‘framework for action ’model as a mechanism for connection and acceleration of actions was highlighted. Today’s launch of the REFRESH Community of Experts was mentioned, with a call for experts and interested scientist and policy specialists to start using and contributing to the network community.

The Food2030 conference aims to serve the dissemination of successful European Research and Innovation initiatives as well as contribute to the ongoing science-policy dialogue in the area of Food Nutrition and Security.

Participants are researchers, policy makers, funders and investors, policy makers and public authorities, industry, entrepreneurs, students and civil society representatives. The event provided stakeholders with a platform to assess the current state of European research, innovation and investment.

The event also provides an opportunity to explore future needs relevant to Food and Nutrition Security, such as:

  • sustainable and healthy nutrition
  • climate smart and environmentally sustainable an resilient food systems
  • circularity and resource efficiency
  • innovation and empowerment of communities