Open exchange shows: Continuity of measurement is key

Eighteen Steering Committee (SC) members met on 11 April 2018 for the sixth meeting of the German REFRESH national platform to continue the discussions on data collection, own activities and pilot projects.

Baseline Survey: Starting in time helps to be prepared for political developments

In view of the current developments at EU level, the discussions on the measurement and reporting of food waste within the framework of the REFRESH SC became particularly relevant. The comparison of qualitative and quantitative data from 2017 with last year's survey shows that REFRESH members from industry are increasingly better prepared for potentially upcoming political reporting requests.

The open discussion initiated in recent sessions by the various stakeholders on the experiences gained was continued with regard to the possibilities and challenges of collecting data on food loss and food safety.

REFRESH members underlined their willingness to incorporate their findings into the design of framework conditions in Germany at the request of the ministries. 

Exploring further activities

The activities presented in detail (including the pilot project to promote employee commitment and the scoping of possibilities for reducing food waste with the help of packaging changes) met great approval. The experts took the opportunity for a further brainstorming on possible - if possible also joint - activities in the now upcoming last REFRESH project year. We will report on the developments again here.

The great advantage of the platform is seen by the Steering Committee in "bringing together organizations", "open exchange" and "learning from others". These strengths also make it possible to discuss the above challenges. As PWP moderator, the CSCP will do its utmost to ensure this continues until the end of the project in mid-2019.

The next meeting of the German PWP will take place in autumn 2018.