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We represent Repair Café Cluj and Casa de Cultura Permanenta,2projects of socio-economical innovation in Cluj-Napoca(Romania).Through these projects we are developing models of circular economy,supporting local producers of healthy food and working towards the change of public perception on waste/trash as per the permacultural saying“There is no such thing as waste, only good things in the wrong place.”One of the subjects that we tackle is Food Waste. Problems In the current consumerist system, people are more used to get their food from the supermarket/shop, are disconnected from the farmers and forgot to value healthy&organic food grown with love by local producers. In Romania, one person wastes approx. 130kg of food/year and 43% out of this quantity represent fruits&veggies. A considerable quantity is wasted along the distribution chain and in the markets. Consumers were educated by advertising not to buy food that doesn’t look perfect. Solutions - Create/support short food chains&alternative food distribution systems: CSA,Veggie Boxes,Urban Gardening,Food Coops. - Reduce the food waste by collecting the good food that would have been thrown away in the local markets/shops and organize a free community dinner for 80-100 people. - Educate the participants in the whole process about the value of food and the importance of a sustainable food chain (localized,ecological,small/medium scale food production,humane agricultural practices). People from different social strata of Cluj came together at an event within the EuropeanWeekForWasteReduction to cook together,share a meal and discuss about the issues about Food in the consumerist society. The menu of the dinner was decided by all the participants, according to the products collected. The participants carefully selected the ingredients rescued from the markets or bought from the local producers,and based on what they had,they decided together what they are going to cook. It was a creative process based on trust, collaboration and innovation.


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