Impacts of research project REFRESH on policy-makers

With the close of REFRESH in June 2019 the EU Health and Food Safety Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis congratulates to the success of an outstanding research project. In a video message, he says that with its concrete actions and tools developed, REFRESH results will continue to guide EU policy for food waste reduction. The Commissioner himself was involved in many events and activities of the project. In particular, Commissioner Andriukaitis underlines the value of REFRESH insights on how to better understand and reduce consumer food waste and the voluntary agreements that have been established in four EU countries and that will guide the way for more public private partnerships.

He also says that "the REFRESH workshops and conferences complemented this cooperative way of building solutions by providing innovative and interactive ways of deepening networks across all levels of society" emphasizing that "the power of such multilayered cooperation must not be underestimated." According to Andriukaitis the project's holistic approach that combined technological innovation, the design of voluntary agreements against food waste and support for national implementation was "invaluable" and will continue to help achieving SDG 12.3 of halving food waste in Europe.