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Our technology can cut household food waste by a half, an epidemic costing Europe €98bn per year and growing, all through a simple smartphone application. Household food waste occurs for 2 main reasons; too much is purchased and forgotten. Or too much is cooked and thrown away. THAW Technology’s Use-By-Mate is the answer, the food and life assistant fighting the food waste epidemic. Our app gives; Notifications of unused soon to expire food, prompting to use or freeze the produce about to expire. Recipe suggestions based on stock and expiring items, ensuring that consumers have an idea of how to use up what they have. Meal & portion planner tool, linked to stock, it promotes the correct portion size to be cooked for the family and lets you plan ingredients in a timely manner. This planner is linked to a shopping list and the stock, ensuring you only buy what’s needed. This system integrates instore and logs purchases and use by dates against a loyalty card at the point of purchase, eliminating manual entry. The customers only interactions with the app help them reduce waste and save time and money! Retailers corporate social responsibility ensures they’re helping tackle this epidemic. Those who adopt our system will see an increase in customer retention. Notifications from the licensed application act as advertisements for the retailer which are genuinely helpful. Financing of the system is from licensing the app system to the retailer, it’s always free at point of use, ensuring customers only save. We have won an Innovate UK competition with our technology, partnering us with Tesco and WRAP, our live customer trials start April ‘17 with a full rollout from March 2018. The future isn’t passing on waste, it’s eliminating it and the Use-By-Mate is the solution.


THAW Technology Ltd


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