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Our project aims to increase awareness in our community of reducing food waste and using surplus food. We lead by example to show what is possible and achievable for each of us at home and in business. Part of Transition Bro Gwaun’s Surplus Food Project, Transition Cafe opened in June 2013, in Fishguard, Pembrokeshire, Wales. It currently stops an average of 1000 kilos of food from being thrown away every month. We collect food from local businesses and have donations from allotments and people's gardens or house clearances too. We make this food into snacks, meals and preserves for sale in the cafe. Food we cannot use is collected by a local pig farmer and anything unfit for humans or pigs is sent for anaerobic digestion. We also run Transition Redistribution of Food (TROF) to supply local charities and groups. This helps by allowing these groups to reduce their spending on food and also raises the profile of surplus food and spreads the message that it is ok and safe to eat. To raise awareness of household food waste we run cookery workshops and attend events locally offering cookery demonstrations and fun activities. We have visitors from around the UK and beyond who visit for advice setting up their own surplus food projects. We also attract media attention from across the globe and have featured in newspaper articles, numerous blogs and our team is used to being filmed regularly too! This year we have been invited to give presentations to a wide range of local organisations, to a WRAP conference in Cardiff, a food values conference with Aberystwyth and Bangor universities and at the Transition Network International conference. The attached video was produced in October 2015 to be shown at COP21 in Paris as part of the Transition Network publicity.


Transition Bro Gwaun


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