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We are Taste Before You Waste, a non-profit foundation focussing on food waste at consumer level and striving for a more sustainable and fair food system. While the pressure of agriculture on the ecosystem may be justifiable as a necessary measure to feed all people, it certainly is not to produce unnecessary waste while other humans are left to starve. In the process of urbanisation, we have become physically and emotionally disconnected with our food - the time, energy, and resources that go into it. However as consumers, we are all part of the problem and therefore have the responsibility but also the power to change the way we and those around us relate to food and ultimately push for structural change. Whether at our markets, workshops, dinners, caterings, debates or film screenings - our locally sourced food surplus provides the basis of all our consciousness-building activities - making people feel, taste, and see how delicious society’s waste can really be. We started off four years ago as a community project fuelled by the passion of our volunteers. But when educational institutions and businesses started offering to pay us for caterings and workshops, we decided to professionalize. By now have 2 paid staff member, 35 regular volunteers, more than 150 irregular ones. We save an average of 350 kg of food each week with which over the years we’ve organised 180 free food markets, 160 community dinners and much more. At the moment we are in Amsterdam, Bussum, Utrecht, Kingston, Canada and we intend to keep spreading our branches nationally and internationally. Serving consciousness on a platter is how we want to revolutionise the food system, one neighbourhood at a time. We’ve got the people, the passion, the knowledge and now we need your help to accelerate and scale the project!


Taste Before You Waste


The Netherlands