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A lot of agrifood waste and by-products are highly perishable due to their high moisture content (>90%). This complicates the potential valorization of these biomass fractions. Immediate processing is required. Sometimes the available volumes are too small or scattered to be worth investing. Therefore it's of utmost importance to further investigate energy-efficient, mild innovative processing technologies that allow to stabilize these valuable feedstock in a sustainable way. Thereby allowing the further downstream processing into high added value products such as pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetical, food or feed ingredient. In the video we present a novel, mild, self-limiting and energy-efficient drying technology that was evaluated, improved and tested at pilot-scale to stabilize a wide range of animal- and plant-derived waste fractions and by-products. We believe this kind of innovations allows to support development of new bio-based business opportunities as it unlocks the potential of the huge amount of underutilized but highly qualitative fruit and vegetable waste and by-products available in the EU and elsewhere in the world.


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