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1.3 billion tons of food, worth ~1 trillion US$, are wasted globally per year. 40% of that food can be saved. Sharecy empowers foodsaving for businesses, charities and private individuals. Through an efficient mobile and web app and a powerful backend as an innovative and comprehensive digital marketplace solution, we will match conventional food businesses with food saving business or organisations and facilitate their cooperation to save resources, CO2 emissions and money. As a proof of concept we establish a food-outlet store for surplus food in Berlin, where we receive and distribute surplus food from producers, farmers etc. As an impact business Sharecy generates profits through selling surplus food online/offline and through a subscription fee for the platform, trade commissions, certificates and consulting. Sharecy raises awareness for food waste and shows how everyone can be part of the solution, from corporations to individuals. Our vision is a world without hunger where no food is wasted. Sharecy's state-of-the-art digital marketplace (to be developed), enables all actors in the supply chain, like stores, farmers, producers etc., to offer food that would otherwise be thrown away. Our solution is to match surplus supply and demand efficiently through cutting-edge technology. We give cooperating businesses and organisations credit for their effort against food waste through transparent on- and offline certificates and statistics of saved food and CO2 emissions. Nonprofit organizations like foodsharing.de with currently 160.000 users and all other food banks/NGOs can use the Sharecy platform for free. They can enlist themselves as food receivers and find food businesses to team up with. Sharecy empowers foodsaving initiatives to organize themselves and connects nonprofit food waste organisations to enable a more efficient system of foodsaving. We accelerate foodsaving by sharing our knowledge of four years of foodsaving at foodsharing.de.