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Boroume (“We Can”) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce food waste and to fight malnutrition in Greece. Through our “Saving & Offering Food” program we save more than 18.000 portions of food on a daily basis from many sources and we offer them to charities that help people who are facing food insecurity. Our actions help the most vulnerable in our society as well the environment by reducing organic food waste. Our innovative approach to saving food suggests a direct and immediate link between the donor and the charity and a coordinated pick-up of the donation by the charity according to the needs of the donor. A vital part of this program has been our cooperation with the largest supermarket chain of the country, AB Vassilopoulos. Starting by convincing each department of the company about the advantages of this idea, we continued with 3 pilot stores in summer 2013, which started to save food according to strict guidelines for ensuring food safety. This food was then picked-up by the most suitable local charity selected by Boroume. We gradually added more stores and today more than 95% of AB stores all over Greece are saving & offering every day the food that they otherwise would have thrown away. In 2015, through this project, more than 1,5 million meals were offered to almost 200 charities and already other supermarkets are discussing with Boroume similar projects. Observing this very successful cooperation between the private and non-profit sector, we truly believe that this model can produce much better results compared to a law obliging supermarkets to such donations because the donor has full-heartedly embraced the project and every trained employee is committed to save and donate as much as possible.