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The awareness on food waste has been growing for about a century but has picked up momentum in the past decade, especially with initiatives like Love Food Hate Waste and Hugh’s War on Waste in the UK, and #çasuffitlegachis in France, and the creation of different projects and campaigns against waste. In fact, more and more people understand that we need to sustainably manage our planet’s resources and ecosystems and it is opening a market for new technologies that aims to reduce food waste. Nowadays everyone seems to be busy and multi-tasking more than ever before; a constant struggle between leading a healthy life, cooking and dealing with the everyday tasks arises. Our company wants to help people lead an easier and healthier life by managing their food consumption through a user-friendly smartphone application while preventing food waste in households. Save Eat app is an innovative and easy to use smartphone application which is designed to become the next essential tool for home food consumption management for the multi-taskers who are in charge of grocery shopping and home cooking. The aim is to facilitate people's life by encouraging a healthy lifestyle while making them save food, time and money. To do so, users benefit from recipes, reminders of expiry dates, tips, a meal planner, shopping lists, a calendar, a social network...Save eat app will assist them in shopping and cooking smartly, consuming happily, sharing pictures and recipes with their network and achieving the healthy lifestyle desired even when time is limited, while making sure that less food is wasted.


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