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Instock turns food surplus into delicious meals and products. While we (Selma, Bart, Merel and Freke) were working at Albert Heijn, we were confronted with the unsold products at the end of the day… We came together to develop a way to tackle this problem. We presented our plan during ‘the Best Idea of Young Ahold’ competition and won! With support of Albert Heijn we started our social enterprise Instock. Every day our ‘food rescue drivers’ collect food that would otherwise be wasted. Think of surplus meat and fish, imperfect fruit and vegetables or day-old bread. Our chefs improvise with what is ‘in stock’ and create different dishes each day. In our restaurants in Amsterdam, The Hague and soon also Utrecht we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our goal is to reduce food waste and raise awareness about it in a positive way. We want to reach as many people as we can in a fun and accessible way. Together with our chef we published a book about preserving. In close collaboration with Albert Heijn we rescued more than 200.000 kilos of food. Moreover, all our experience of collecting and distributing the food is shared with other parties (such as Food Bank). We have a strong ambition to change the system. We do not want to be the only restaurant concept that works with food waste, because it is a worldwide issue that needs to be tackled by all parties in the food chain. Therefore, we are working on a way to make food surplus of Albert Heijn available to other hospitality concepts besides Instock. Next to this we plan on launching more products made from food surplus. Our first product is ‘Pieper Bier’, beer made from rescued potatoes.