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Due to rapid growth of the world population, reducing food waste is one of the mankind’s most urgent tasks. One of the main reasons of the food waste, both in the dining section and the retail section, is that the prepared doesn’t get sold until closing time or that the produces and products can’t be sold until their expiration date; this means that energy and time go into waste, and in addition during the process of the waste itself, dangerous gases get into the air which can harm the greenhouse effect. The redinner application offers a solution for all these problems. Redinner is an online, last-minute food market and restaurant aggregator service, which helps to decrease the seller’s outcome and at the same time increase their income; meanwhile the buyer can get quality food for a cheaper price. With the help of this application the restaurants can offer their meals and food for sale; these meals are in perfect condition on the given day but cannot be sold the following day. The application helps to connect these restaurants with the customers nearby by sending notifications to their phones, based on their previous settings. The customers can pay online and after the payment they will receive a unique code and by showing this code to the seller they can receive their purchases. One of the biggest advantages of this system is that even smaller portions can be sold fast and efficiently. With the spreading of this application there could be enough food to support 50 million people on a daily basis and save food from going to waste. Redinner could be a leader of a new era, where food waste is a problem that is tackled and there is an international sense of responsibility about food consumption.


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