The REFRESH Spanish Platform has been cooperating with members on food waste reducing actions since 2016. Since then, pilot projects looking at whole supply chains, consumer acceptance studies, and food waste in hospitality have been carried out, alongside baselining and multiple meetings to share good practice and collaborate on open questions.

The first meeting of the Platform took place on March 2016 and it was devoted to collectively identify the main challenges of the food waste domain in Spain and thus the main objective of the Platform. Since then the 17 members of the platform met several times, where they shared their anti-food-waste initiatives and knowledge gaps that still need to be addressed.

In the meantime, different pilot projects were developed with the active participation of some of the members of the platform and the advisory role of a good deal of the rest. We are happy to share that finally, up to now, under the umbrella of the REFRESH Spanish Platform 3 pilot projects have been run: (i) Whole chain – Food waste through the fruit and vegetable supply chain: examining the case of peaches and nectarines in Catalonia, and (ii) an Examination of the perception of parents of different anti-food-waste options for the school menu of their children; (ii) Gastrofira – Food Waste in Hospitality: Two Large Events. In this last pilot project, baselining was conducted in 2017 and anti-food waste interventions were developed in 2018. Preliminary data show that interventions have had a positive and important impact in food waste reduction in the kitchen and for consumers. We are now working on consolidating the data, which we will publish soon.

In addition, in the recent baselining analysis conducted some month ago to examine the impact of the REFRESH Spanish Platform in 2017, it was identified that the members of the Platform in 2017 implemented 44 anti-food waste initiatives.

The fourth REFRESH spanish platform meeting will be held in December 2018.