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In the Netherlands, €4 billion worth of good food is wasted every year. The supermarkets' share in this is €400 million. European supermarkets and consumers waste over 42% of the available food. In the western world, we consume too much food. If we continue on the road we are on now, we will need three worlds to provide for everybody in the future.This is why we say STOP FOOD WASTE! NoFoodWasted has created a solution against food waste: the Afgeprijsd app. With the Afgeprijsd app, supermarkets can tell us every day which products are almost at their best before date and are discounted for that reason. We then share this information with consumers who are interested in these products. Consumers can choose when they want to be informed: so when they are writing down their shopping lists! Consumers buying these discounted products results in less waste, a higher margin for supermarkets, and lower bills for consumers. Supermarkets pay us a monthly fee to have acces to our platform. Consumers have free access to the app, because they are part of the solution. The Afgeprijsd app is an innovative and practical solution, that doesn't tell you what to do but instead offers you a tool to make the right choice. It allows supermarkets and consumers to work together to reduce food waste! Over 170 supermarkets and counting currently participate in our platform. Our ambition for 2017 is to expand to other countries. Our long term goal is to change the market from supply-driven to demand-driven, where consumers buy more efficiently, supermarkets stock more efficiently, and farmers produce what the market needs.




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