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The vision of MealSaver is a waste-less food system. We want to reach this by creating easy, environmentally and economically viable alternatives to wasting food. The MealSaver App connects restaurant owners and consumers in this fight against food waste. Partner restaurants offer their left-over meals at discounted prices to App users. The MealSaver App shows users the restaurants in proximity, as well as the pick-up times for meals. A portion costs between two to four Euros and can be bought through the App. MealSaver provides restaurants with paper bags and bio-degradable boxes made of sugar cane. This incentive to reduce food waste is a triple-win-situation: for the restaurant owners, for the eaters, and for the environment. We are striving to extend the solution to various kinds of gastronomy businesses such as the catering and hotel industry. Overall, we believe in the power of partnerships to multiply knowledge and resources, and prevent food waste for good.


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