The Food Waste Reduction China Action Platform is a partnership initiated by IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, CCFA and CHEARI, guided by FAO, UNEP ‘Think, Eat, Save’, and supported by REFRESH, in the aim of supporting China to achieve SDG 12.3.

As one of the six main goals of sustainable consumption, the Food Waste Reduction Project was presented in this year’s Roundtable meeting.

The round table aims to guide member companies to actively purchase, use and sell environmentally friendly products, and participate in low carbon operation commitments. Also, it aims to encourage consumers to practice the concept of green consumption and sustainable lifestyle. Its three tasks include sustainable supply chains, sustainable operations, and sustainable consumption. Experts from different organizations participated in the meeting, such as the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, UNEP, WWF, and related enterprises.

The meeting featured a special panel discussion, where Head of IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute China Division Ms. GAO Si gave a presentation and hosted the panel discussion with FAO representative  (Ms. YUE Qiushi), the CHEARI vice director (Mr. QU Zongfeng) as well as a representative from restaurant Xi’Bei (Mr. WANG Qiang). REFRESH was introduced to companies, policymakers, and other key Chinese stakeholders. Partners presented on the significance of reducing food waste, current practice abroad and in China, and suggestions were also proposed for companies and consumers.

After the meeting, an on-line platform was established by IVL to translate and compile relevant news, knowledge, and interesting stories about food waste reduction aimed at stakeholders in the whole food supply chain to reduce food waste in China.