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kcf.keepcornwallfed. tackling food waste to feed food poverty, we are located in one of the most food poverty areas in the UK but the same area has high food waste, we will use the two to help one another. We have pledged to feed 5000 people in food poverty by the end of 2017.just us two chefs who have converted a old horsebox into a pop up kitchen which we will serve paying customers at events or on the beach. for every meal we sell we will donate and prepare a meal back to those who need it. This will engage the public in what we do and by eating with us you become one of the 5000. we are tackling waste from suppliers we trust and contribute to us and the surrounding community,through there high standards to the consumer this can create waste, but it is only waste if they have no use for it and we have identified a use. although not tackling the big culprits of waste, we hope to create a change in how a business and consumers think.if KCF can influence the consumer so they demand that waste becomes surplus and that it is used in a more efficient manner then the bigger culprits will follow suit.if business can acknowledge waste is a by product of having high standards but turning the waste in surplus and donating back to your community is what consumers want. we have faith that communities and customers will want to get involved and will be proud in the fact that they can say we are the 5000. we are taking no wages for this project and we will do this in our spare time. social media is our powerful tool please follow us on twitter #keepcornwallfed Facebook kcf.keepcornwallfed


kcf keepcornwallfed


United Kingdom