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Karma helps restaurants and cafés reduce food waste. Instead of throwing surplus food away they can now sell it through Karma. The consumers buy food directly in the app as take-away and get high quality food for less. We have early proof of concept in Stockholm and plan to expand city-by-city, first in Sweden, then Europe, then the US. It’s easy to sell as we generate a new revenue stream and great PR for the customer, and offer high quality food for less money for the consumer. Customer problem — Globally we waste 1.3 bn tonnes of food every year of a value of 750 billion USD. In Sweden alone we throw away 500,000 tonnes of food per year. There’s over 22 000 restaurants in Sweden and 15M restaurants worldwide who doesn’t know how to prevent it. There’s currently no market leader solving this issue. Target market — Customers: Mid-size restaurant chains and large grocery stores. There’s 10 000 potential restaurant customers and 4 000 potential grocery stores in Sweden. Worldwide these numbers are 12M restaurants and 900k grocery stores. Consumers: Students, careerists and environmentally conscious. Sales & marketing strategy — We sell using both bottom up and top-down strategies, meaning we sell directly to customers and also through strategic partnerships to reach many and filter down target customers. Business model — Using the service is free, Karma gets comission on all items sold in the app. Restaurants selling through Karma are estimated to make an extra 100-120k SEK per year and grocery stores are estimated to make around 500k extra. Competitive advantage — Karma is easier to use for both customers and consumers. We’re the only system on the market with a loyalty system where the user gets rewarded for frequent usage.