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On 1 February 2016 Gemidan Ecogi received a European Union Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) statement. The issue of the statement marked the culmination of 4 years work by Gemidan Ecogi to develop a new high performing food waste pre-treatment technology (Ecogi). This award acts to recognise the company’s commitment to ‘raising the bar’ in the optimisation of food waste pre-treatment as well as all the hard work that has gone into the development of Ecogi. Ecogi has undergone a rigorous continuous improvement programme and robust independent performance monitoring. When seeking to be at the forefront of industry best practice the development of technologies is never complete so work on process optimisation continues. Pre-treatment flexibility, efficiency and effectiveness in dealing with a wide range of source separated food waste feedstocks has been the key aim for Ecogi. Materials originating from domestic, commercial and industrial sources often present widely different challenges for pre-treatment processes. The development and testing of Ecogi has been undertaken at a commercial scale test facility processing all types of food waste over a 4 year period. Gemidan Ecogi A/S have achieved their goal through the creative application and adaption of technologies from other industries together with a very focussed process management concept. This has enabled the current performance levels to be set in the following areas – • Effective treatment of food based feedstock containing up to 20% physical contamination • Production of a virtually contamination free substrate – 99.76% free from all physical impurities • Utilisation of organic matter – 92.96% • Reducing dry matter particle size in substrate – 60% <100µ & 93%<1.3mm • Increasing potential gas yields to >450 Nm3 CH4/t VS • Reducing the time needed to reach peak gas conversion in digester to 10-15 days The ETV scheme provides the independent and comprehensive assessment and validation of the above performance claims.


Gemidan Ecogi A/S