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In the Fresh Demo project all effort goes to the most prioritized level of the food recovery hierarchy: source reduction. The Fresh Demo project combines an innovative ultrasonic humidification technology with natural acidifiers to preserve quality and freshness of fruits and vegetables along the entire post-harvest supply chain and contribute to food waste reduction. In fact this is just the imitation of the natural process of mist formation. Covered with a blanket of mist; due to a rather high humidity (95%), fruits and vegetables will barely lose their water content and therefore are kept fresh for much longer. Ultrasonic humidifiers produce a fine mist of water particles of 1 micron. The water particles evaporate and withdraw evaporation energy from the surrounding air (adiabatic effect). Consequently the temperature of the surrounding air will drop, providing a cool, humid, and bacteria-free climate. With that it has the ability to significantly reduce waste in the distribution chain by extending the shelf life and hygienic properties of fruit and vegetables. The humidification systems can and should be applied in each stage of the supply chain; directly after harvesting, during transportation and storage and in retail facilities. As illustratively showed in the time-lapses of the Vimeo link below, the results of the technology are absolutely noteworthy.

FRESHDEMO TIMELAPSE from interface.group GmbH on Vimeo.



The Fresh Demo Project


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