In early 2017 the first actIvity of the pilot project "Gastrofira" has been completed. Food waste generated by the catering service of Feria de Barcelona (trade fair organisation) was quantified during an international event. Food waste data from kitchen and dining room has been gathered in order to establish a baseline for upcoming events’ reduction interventions.

The first pilot project of the REFRESH Platform in Spain: Gastrofira

Gastrofira is the catering service of Feria de Barcelona, one of the most important European trade fair organisations, which organises and hosts a huge variety of national and international . Gastrofira is currently designing an integral sustainability plan One of the key topics is food waste.

In summer 2016, Gastrofira expressed its willingness to become part of the REFRESH Platform in Spain and also to be a pilot project. It is the first catering service of major events publicly commited to reduce food waste.

First quantification performed

The Gastrofira project consists on reducing food waste on big events catering. To do so a baseline needs to be done in different fair typologies. Once done, prevention measures will be designed and implemented. The impact of the prevention initiatives will be discussed and disseminated.  In early 2017, the first activity was competed during an international event. Then, food waste data is under revision in order to define the base line and to define prevention measures.

Next steps

In 2017, the Gastrofira team together with CREDA-UPC-IRTA continues to define both upcoming events to be quantified and the possible interventions to reduce food waste.