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We believe that when you bring back food to the community, people will value it much more because they are involved in the process. The more you value your food the less likely you are to waste it. Most food nowadays comes from large farms or from an industry that people have no connection to. We ask people to bring their green veggie or fruit leftovers to our pigs to reduce the food waste and in the process spare human food like corn, soy and grains, we otherwise feed to the pigs. See also ou animation which is included in the submission form. This way they make the connection to their food and see how pigs are raised. We see that people sometimes are amazed what other people give to the pigs. Some foods are so good, you could give to humans still. This raises enormous awareness. These leftovers are collected at our small farm, and on Saturdays at the shopping mall and even school children have 'adopted' a pig they see, pet and feed every Tuesday. They come by bike, so it is also a healthy as well as an educational occupation. We get people to enroll. We have been collecting so many leftover that the pigs hardly need any grains, corn or soy anymore. Kindly we want to ask you, the organization, to put swill back on the EU agenda! For good order, we do not feed our pigs swill. The swill ban is a total waste of edible food for pigs. Plus we ask you to support urban agriculture to help connect people to help connect people with their food again to become more healthy and to help end obesity. City councils and provinces have to help facilitate this. De Groene Varkens is a citizens' initiative.


De Groene Varkens


The Netherlands