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COMERSO is a turnkey solution to fight against the food wastage. The company offers a solution which takes responsibility for administrative, fiscal, organisational and logistical aspects related to the donation of perishable goods to the organisations. This is the first logistic and digital operator of unsold goods optimisation address to companies and free for food aid organisations. The company uses all the new technologies to rationalise each step of the collection and guarantee the best conditions of delivery in the quickest way. Taking responsibility of all the logistical aspect, Comerso allows companies and associations to improve and secure their supply of provisions focusing their efforts at the service of delicate persons. Comerso offers a complete solution on one hand for the supermarket and on the other hand for the charitable organisations of food aid. This solution meets two different needs: - The necessity for the supermarket to clear out their unsold goods (expiration date) - The necessity for the food aid organisations to get supplies of foods. Comerso plays a crucial part to meet the administrative, organisational and logistical needs which lack today to make the connexion between the companies and the food aid organisations. Its offer is multiple: - Planify daily the deliveries for each month by taking in count the unsold goods of the supermarkets and the daily needs of the food aid organisations. - Outsource the collection, transportation and delivery of goods from the supermarkets to the food aid organisations by the social integration company named Envie 2E. - Give an access to administrative documents (cerfa) on Comerso’s web plateform. - Enable a real-time follow-up of the different steps of foods distribution channel.