How do we together reduce food waste and what are the challenges and needs of the different players? This was the question that engaged the almost 80 participants under the "Challenge Workshop on Food Waste " held at the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE) Agrifood and Bioscience, Gothenburg, Sweden on September 27. The workshop resulted in the identification of 48 concrete activities.

The purpose was to make a workshop for the action plan that the Food Administration, the Swedish Board of Agriculture and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency launched in June as a part of the Swedish Food Strategy.

Inspirational talks

The day started with a set of inspirational talks and a short presentation of RISE activities related to food waste. “We need to increase predictability throughout the food chain. The food that is produced and what people buy is not always the same as what they actually want to cook and eat” was one of the messages given by Michiel Kernkamp, CEO of Nestlé Nordics. Linnéa Axelsson, demand planner at Findus, mentioned that changes in demand and supply, production errors and transport damage can cause food waste. To avoid food waste Findus works with discounted prices and food donations. Amanda Persson, development engineer at the packaging company Flextrus, showed the importance of thoughtful packaging solutions to reduce food waste.


The afternoon was spent brainstorming on collaborative activities needed for taking the next step aiming for the low hanging fruits targeting four predefined questions:

  • How can the actors in the supply chain support to reduce food waste and motivate the consumers to take the right decision?
  • How can we as actors in the food chain collaborate for reducing food waste?
  • How to internally create an engagement on reducing food waste?
  • What does the hospitality sector need for reducing its food waste?

The workshop resulted in 48 concrete activities with dedicated participants attached to each.