30 tons of food was collected for those in need by the ‘donation convoy’ of Hungarian Food Bank Association

Nineteen companies took part in the 12th HFBA – FAO donation convoy, which drew attention to the controversy of food waste and hunger by crossing Budapest on October 16th.

On World Food Day on October 16th we commemorate the foundation of FAO on 1945, and also the pursuit to ensure right and nourishing food for everyone in the world. On this day, more than 150 countries are organizing programs, bringing this event to one of the most important days of the United Nations. The recently published statement of FAO gave a sad actuality to the donation convoy this year: after a decade's improving trend, the number of hungry people has risen again, while the currently produced food would be enough to supply the entire population of our Land.

“The HFBA considers it very important to draw attention to the overwhelming duality of food waste and famine. However, it is also important for us, that many food companies have already realized that we can only jointly deal with waste. This day is about to show that the government, FAO, food industry, trading companies and the HFBA are able to bring together a change, "said Balázs Cseh, president of the HFBA.

Several companies was represented int he convoy, such as: AccorHotels Hungary, Adnio Global Ltd., Auchan Global Ltd., Bio-Fungi Kft., Bonafarm Zrt., Budapest Wholesale Market Zrt., Coca-Cola HBC Hungary Ltd., Gyermelyi Zrt. , Kometa 99 Zrt., METRO Trading Kft., Nestlé Hungária Kft., Numil Kft., Penny Market Kft., Rauch Hungária Kft., Sága Foods Zrt., Univer Product Zrt., Tesco-Global Zrt., UNILEVER Hungary Ltd. ., Wiesbauer-Dunahús Kft.

The Ministry of Agriculture is also a partner in this endeavor - as in the donation convoy.