As a Spanish Refresh platform’s pilot project, Gastrofira, the catering service at Fira Barcelona, is collaborating with CREDA-UPC-IRTA to reduce the amount of food waste generated through their activities.


After the first quantification performed earlier this year, the second quantification activity was carried out in May during the Construmat Fair, a major international event for the construction industry.

Characteristics of the second quantification 

The quantification took place in a buffet restaurant, which was visited by around 200 patrons daily during that week.

Just like in the first quantification, the inflows and outflows of food were recorded to separate the pre-consumption and post-consumption food waste data.

In order to improve the procedure used during the last quantification, the team added a new step consisting of observation work in the dining room with the intention of identifying the causes behind post-consumer waste.

Next steps

In the interest of maximum accuracy, Gastrofira will carry out one last quantification this year.

The results of this first phase will be then analyzed, so they can constitute a baseline.  With that data, CREDA-UPC-IRTA will be able to draw the conclusions necessary to decide what relevant interventions to implement in Gastrofira’s activities in order to reduce food waste in the most effective way.