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Skånemejerier breaks new ground with a novel and unique packaging solution. The new package is easy to fold, making it simple to empty completely and get the last drops of the yoghurt or sour milk. Moreover, when recycled, the folded package takes up less space. Many consumers find it difficult to empty a package of yoghurt or sour milk completely, especially if the content is as creamy as consumers usually desire. To fold and squeeze a package is oftentimes messy, and not always simple. The new pioneering packaging solution*, which Skånemejerier was the first in the world to introduce to the market, has pre-pressed markings. These markings simplify the folding and the possibility to empty the package completely. Tests conducted by the research company GfK show that there is 45% less yogurt left in the new package after it has been folded, compared to the same procedure with the old packaging. Due to the efficient folding of the innovative package design, consumers contribute to reducing food waste. Calculations show that consumers can get out about 350 tons more yoghurt in total each year, thus preventing an extensive food waste! Not only does the unique packaging enable consumers to get more of the content, a folded package is also less bulky when left to recycling. In fact, consumer tests done by GfK show that 9 out of 10 prefer the new package over the old one for these two reasons: 1) more content can be squeezed out of the package and 2) it is less bulky in the waste sorting. *The new packaging, called Pure-Pak® Sense, is manufactured by Elopak.