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PENNY Naturgut Bio-Helden (“Organic Heroes”) are grown naturally and have the same superpowers as conventionally standardized fruits and vegetables. Since April 25th 2016 PENNY offers a variety of organic fruits and vegetables that might look unusual at first sight – in some cases the tomatoes’ size can vary, or the shape of a cucumber does not fulfill the norm. But as long as they are grown naturally and 100% organic, those oddballs are just as packed with energy and just as tasty as their fellow fruits and vegetables. Organic agriculture generally produces fruits and vegetables of imperfect shape, size or color more frequently than conventional food production. This is due to the abandonment of chemical and syntactical plant protection, as well as easily soluble fertilizers. Groceries that show such imperfectness are usually not offered on the market. PENNY’s national long-term campaign opposes food waste and aims at increasing the tolerance for unusual shaped fruits and vegetables. Therefore, PENNY includes the “Organic Heroes” in their private brand’s product range and sells them at normal prices. This way, products that do not meet the standard of beauty are supplied to the customers in a regular way. Since they have the same quality, taste and durability as standardized, “normal” fruits and vegetables, the “Organic Heroes” present an inherent part of PENNY’s product range. The concept of “Organic Heroes” emphasizes PENNY’s commitment against food waste within the producer stage. It increases the consumption of already grown products and lowers the mere utilization of laboriously produced groceries. That way, organic farmers get the chance to sell their products at appropriate prices to secure their economic position. Moreover, customers are informed about the urgent issue of food waste and the fact that those products’ unusual appearance does not lower their level of taste or quality.


Penny Markt GmbH