This brochure describes the interim results of the REFRESH (Resource Efficient Food and dRink for the Entire Supply cHain) project through May 2018. REFRESH’s research into the behaviours, economics, and relationships that lead to food waste will inform future recommendations for efficient and versatile solutions to food waste at all levels of production.

This report records the progress of four European countries (Hungary, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain) in the establishment of Frameworks for Action to tackle food waste along the whole supply chain.  

With the signing of the Framework for Action, the Spanish signatories commit to a nonbinding agreement to contribute to reduce food waste in the areas most relevant to them in the food chain. Through the Framework for Action it is aimed to make a contribution to achieving the SDG’s target 12.3 by halving the per capita food waste by 2030.

Food waste quantification is challenging, but two recently published sets of guidelines will help entities (governments, businesses, research organisations) that are seeking to measure food waste. This report demonstrates how to use both sets of guidelines to quantify and measure food waste.

The Steering Committee of the „Food is Value”- Forum Against Food Loss and Waste has agreed on the main goals and priorities set out in the Framework for Action document. The document goes on to outline how these priorities will be addressed through project targets and project measurement, as well as the core responsibilities of the platform members.

This report presents an extensive inventory of existing tools which support businesses to prevent food waste along the whole supply chain. The core objective driving the creation of this inventory is to inform further REFRESH research, to understand current business needs, and use this information to identify potential gaps in this market.

Industry-led voluntary (Framework) Agreements can be an alternative way of effecting change, without the need for legislative action. This report explores each stage of establishing a Framework Agreement, drawing on the experience of similar alliances to provide a greater understanding of the prime conditions to both establish and manage a Framework for Action.

REFRESH has the objective to bring together different stakeholders from all stages of the production and supply chain and to lead them closer towards the goal of reducing food waste and loss. This will be implemented through effective measures, especially those that do not stem from legal necessities. The Framework for Action guides cooperation within the German Business Engagement Steering Committee (German National Platform).


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