The REFRESH FoodWasteEXplorer database is an online tool under development to support better valorisation and exploitation of food waste. Now we are looking for volunteers to test the prototype. We’re particularly looking for people working within the following industries: foodindustry, foodchain, agrifood, foodproducers, nutritionist and software developers.

REFRESH FoodWasteEXplorer (Food Waste Stream Compositional Data Maintenance & Explorer Tool) is an online tool that allows to explore the composition (e.g. nutrients, bioactives, toxicants) of food waste streams, based on food type and component groups. The search results can be exported for further offline analysis.

Within the REFRESH project the top 80 products and their associated 291 waste streams have been identified, based on consumption volume and environmental impact. This information was used to develop the FoodWasteEXplorer, providing immediate compositional (e.g. nutrients, bioactives, toxicants) data for these waste streams.

Volunteers, please book an appointment for testing here.