The goal of the workshop is to find ways on how to establish, foster and maintain long-lasting transnational cooperation between relevant stakeholders.

On Wednesday 8 November an event organized by Interreg Central Europe will take place in Rimini, Italy. The STREFOWA project (“Strategies To Reduce Food Waste in Central Europe”) focuses on demonstrating various activities to help prevent and reduce food waste. For this purpose pilot actions, hackathons, road shows and instruction materials are implemented in Italy, Austria, Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The organizers welcome a wide range of audiences to participate in the workshop: Representatives from local, regional and national governments, NGO's and related food (waste) interest groups, bio waste and food waste environmental consultants and scientists, hotel managers, food retailers, food banks, waste management companies, private citizens, and everyone else who is interested in mitigating food waste.



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Interreg Central Europe