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“Enhancing the existing value of people and goods”, this is the mission of Les reToqués, project launched in August 2016 by Anne Charlotte Vivant We buy the local production of fruits and vegetables that doesn't fit the standards of sale. In return for this non-standard production, we remunerate the producers at a fair price that covers their costs, to encourage them to harvest all their production. These fruits and vegetables are then transformed by a dehydration process to create healthy and delicious snacks without any additive (sugar, salt, oil etc.). To support our action, we hire and form long-term unemployed people and we personally accompany them to facilitate their reintegration in the professional world. In this way, we aim to reduce food waste, provide a fair salary to producers and help the reintegration of long-term unemployed people. We want to prove that it is possible to create a viable and sustainable business model that is respectful of both people and the environment.


Les reToqués