The final REFRESH policy workshop will discuss policy options and recommendations to integrate policies for food waste in the broader contexts of sustainable food policies and the Circular Economy. Building on the results created within the REFRESH project we bring together policy makers and experts from research, NGOs and businesses to discuss policy options for EU policies.

In an interactive format, we will present findings from our research on various policy areas affecting food waste, and zoom into the potential role and contributions from highlighted topics. These include influencing consumer behaviour, developing voluntary agreements across the food supply chain and valorising unavoidable food waste to animal feed, fibres and chemicals. We will explore opportunities of an integrated perspective on sustainable food systems within a circular economy for the EU, that go beyond efforts to reduce food waste and include other sustainability aspects such as health and social impacts.

The workshop will take place on 22. March 2019 in Brussels at GreenBizz, a place where companies and start-ups can develop their green, sustainable or environment-linked projects. The event is directed at policy makers at the EU level, from EU Member States and experts from NGOs, businesses and research institutes. Participation is by invitation only.

If you have any questions, please contact:  (Hilke Bos-Brouwers)



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Wageningen University & Research
Deloitte Sustainability
Ecologic Institute