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Foodsharing Austria is a non-profit organisation that has been fighting food waste since 2012. It raises awareness of the massive food waste on all levels ranging from producers to consumers. Through media reports, presentations, political and non-political campaigns as well as its practical approach to rescuing and sharing food, foodsharing Austria and Germany demonstrates how easy it is to tackle the issue of food waste. The theoretical approach focuses on raising awareness of food waste and the responsibility each of us bears for the loss of nearly half of the world’s food production. Besides that, an online platform has been established that allows its members to rescue food from being thrown away by stores and lets users share their leftovers in so-called “food baskets”; people who leave for vacation, who have cooked too much or bought the wrong items can offer their food online to the 110,000 users. Furthermore, foodsharing invented the concept of the so-called 'Fair-Teiler' – an unconditional, public distribution point – with shelves and often a fridge in order to enable people without internet access to participate in sharing food. Right now, there are about 20 official Fairteiler in Vienna where also people outside the online plattform have acces to food that other people dont need any more but is still in perfect conditions for eating.