1. Winners announced in REFRESH Contest

2. REFRESH Food Waste 2017 conference

3. Food Waste Innovation Incubator Day

REFRESH National Platforms

4. Spain: Framework for Action signed, first pilot project "Gastrofira" started

5. German national platform takes action – baselining and pilot projects are shap-ing up

6. Hungary national platform accepted Framework for Action



9. National, Qualitative Insight on Household & Catering Food Waste






REFRESH News and Results

1. REFRESH Food Waste Solution Contest launched


Upcoming Events

9. REFRESH Multi-Stakeholder Conference in Spring 2017 in Berlin


Past Events

11. Second meeting of the REFRESH project partners in Barcelona


Food Waste News

13. WRAP Director R. Swannell discusses progress towards SDG 12.3 and REFRESH’s contribution






1. REFRESH in Spain - Pilot Working Platform: First Steps to Set Up a Framework for Action

2. REFRESH in Germany - Pilot Working Platform Takes Shape

3. REFRESH in Hungary - Steering Committee launched

4. REFRESH Focus Groups gather across Europe

Related News

5. EU FUSIONS Final Conference: No More Food to Waste

6. Update on Sustainable Development Goals

7. Champions Initiative 12.3

8. EU Circular Economy Package

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