The Pilot Working Platform in Hungary includes representatives from key organizations of the Hungarian food sector. Participants are committed towards more efficiently using food and fighting against hunger. They identify potential projects that help achieving these goals and recommend assigned research, knowledge sharing and raising of awareness as the first steps to be started in each segment of the food sector.

Contact: Balázs Cseh, Hungarian Food Bank Association

For a period of three weeks in July 2017, REFRESH invites responses to a consumer survey.  The aim is to look at different formats of guidance found on food and drink products, and the effects they have on consumer behaviour. The survey is focused on the four REFRESH pilot countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Hungary.

The Steering Committee of the „Food is Value”- Forum Against Food Loss and Waste has agreed on the main goals and priorities set out in the Framework for Action document. The document goes on to outline how these priorities will be addressed through project targets and project measurement, as well as the core responsibilities of the platform members.

Representatives from key organizations of the food sector attended the first REFRESH Pilot Working Platform Steering Committee meeting in Budapest on March 22, 2016. The event was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and organized by the Hungarian Food Bank Association. Participants confirmed their commitment towards more efficiently using food and fighting against hunger.