This report identifies drivers of food waste across the supply chain in five food categories: bread, dairy, potatoes/tomatoes, prepared meals (sandwiches), and processed meat/poultry. These drivers were linked with the main waste streams they generate. 

The progress of the Refresh project and the latest initiatives of the members of the Platform were presented, the next steps to be followed in the coming months were also discussed. We enjoyed both an interesting and entertaining program. 

The goal of the workshop is to find ways on how to establish, foster and maintain long-lasting transnational cooperation between relevant stakeholders.

A new digital network has been launched to encourage collaboration and bring together expertise from across Europe and beyond in a focussed response to the global issue of food waste. The Community of Experts (CoE) aims to help drive action at every level of the supply chain by empowering individuals, organisations and nations through the sharing of skills, knowledge and resources needed to act against food waste.

To reduce food waste, a dynamically adjustable shelf life and discounting strategies can be used by a retailer selling perishable products. In this paper both strategies are investigated and evaluated in terms of profit, waste reduction and shortages.

The Horizon 2020 Societal Challenge 2 Infoweek took place in Brussels 14.-17. November 2017. The week-long event brought together infoday, brokerage, and dissemination with a focus on digitisation and a high-level bioeconomy policy event. REFRESH was presented at the "Bioeconomy Village", and REFRESH researcher Dr. Erica van Herpen gave a presentation on consumer food waste behaviour.

The EU Platform on Food Losses and Food Waste will hold its second meeting of 2017 on 07. November in Brussels. Participation is limited to members of the Platform.

In October 2017 the REFRESH Community of Experts (CoE) will be launched at The CoE is a digital platform for sharing initiatives and best practice on food waste prevention. Users of the CoE will be able to find and share research and resources, initiate discussions and connect with fellow experts. Food waste experts are invited to share their expertise and resources.

2017. júliusában hárm hétig várjuk a válaszokat a REFRESH kérdőívére. A felmérés a REFRESH projekt négy tesztországában zajlik: Hollandiában, Németországban, Magyarországon és Spanyolországban. A fogyasztókat arra kérjük, hogy töltsék ki az élelmiszerekről szóló kutatás tízperces kérdőívét.

In een periode van 3 weken in juli 2017 nodigt het REFRESH onderzoeksteam respondenten uit voor een grootschalig consumentenonderzoek. De enquete richt zich op de 4 REFRESH pilot landen, namelijk Nederlands, Duitsland, Spanje en Hongarije. Aan consumenten wordt gevraagd om een 10-minuten durende enqute in te vullen over diverse drink- en etenswaren.


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