The survey will be online from 11 to 31 July 2017

For a period of three weeks in July 2017, REFRESH invites responses to a consumer survey.  The aim is to look at different formats of guidance found on food and drink products, and the effects they have on consumer behaviour. The survey is focused on the four REFRESH pilot countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Hungary.

As part of REFRESH we are reaching out to consumers in our four pilot countries (The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and Hungary) to complete a 10-minute survey on food and drink products. The purpose of the research is to investigate different contents and formats of on-pack information and their effect on consumer understanding and food waste behaviours in these four EU member states.

We kindly ask you to participate in the survey

The task scope was to “examine different contents and formats of on-pack guidance information and its effect on consumer understanding and food waste behaviours” meaning that date labels, refrigerator guidance, freezing and portioning advice would all be in scope. Food types on which to test the on-pack information are based primarily on the REFRESH outputs of WP6.1 identifying the top 80 foodstuffs in EU28, cross-referenced with WRAP’s evidence on the volume and reasons for waste for each food type in the UK. The results of the survey will be disseminated towards the end of 2017.